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JiGu Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2009,our company is committed to the research and developmentproduction and marketing. To make sure every batch of products has excellent quality,we have advanced internal management system, professional technology development talents, standard management process and strict quality control,etc.JiGu Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional and famous manufacturer of access panel in China. Good reputation and stable quality gave us a permission to join into the overseas market. The introduction of our main products is as below: Aluminum Access PanelAluminum Access Panel with FlipAluminum Baking Access Panel with Click LockGalvanized Baking Access Panel,etc. Customized is available.Welcome to send me inquiry.


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Contact: Jay Wong(Sales Manager)

Phone: 0086 18962216625

Tel: 0086 512 58903163

Email: accesspanel@accesspanel.com.cn

Add: JIGU House,Liucun Economic Development Zone,Tangqiao Town,Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China

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