Access Panel Requirement

  We have two more Access Panel Requirement this week.One customer is from Canada,he needs 200 pieces access panel,but he wants to see samples before place order.I suggest our JG-A02,JG-C01 and JG-C02 for him,he needs access panel for drywall,and these three types can be used in drywall.He wants 6’’x6’’ or 8’’x8’’ size,we have 8’’x8’’ size but don’t have 6’’x6’’ size,so maybe the price of 6’’x6’’ is more expensive than 8’’x8’’.

  The other customer is from Brunei,he needs 54 pieces of 600x600mm size,used in gypsum ceiling,I suggest our JG-B04 model cause it’s popular and good quality,it looks perfect after installation.


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