Access Panel Used in The Field of Architecture

  Access Panel is used in ceiling and drywall maintenance.They are used in office buildings and hotels.Access Panel belongs to HVAC system,full name is Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system.It will be very convenient to maintain circuit of air conditioner if you install it in ceiling or drywall.And it is also very easy to install.But note that:the JG-B series production have gypsum board inlay,it is easy to break,so be careful when install it.

  Our JG-A01,JG-B series production are used in ceilings,and our JG-A02,JG-C01,JG-C02 are used in drywall.Customized size is available.Color:normally it is white powder coated.It has two kinds,one is matte white,the other one is light white.Customized color is also available.

  If customer needs access panel but doesn’t know which one is suitable,then check it will be installed in ceiling or drywall,with lock or without lock,concealed or not,and also with or without gypsum board,etc.

  Please let me know your size and quantity,then I can give you our best price.


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