Simplifies Plumbing and Electrical Installation by Ceiling Access Panels

Jigu Access Panel Simplifies Plumbing and Electrical Installation by Ceiling Access Panels

Jigu Access Panel, the online trading website of JiGu Hardware Machinery Co. Ltd from China, offers aluminum access panels for streamlining plumbing and electrical installation.

China, 20th August

Jigu Access Panel, a famous manufacturer of access panels in China, offers primarily aluminum access panels that are both sound-rated and first-rated. The company prides itself in being one of the largest producers of access panels since 2009 in China. The owner said that they are offering both prefab customized access panels to homeowners. They also said that they put considerably high emphasis on access panel innovation and material selection so that their customers can get the highest value for their money.

JG-1, JG-B and JG-C series access panels which the company offers now can enable plumbers, electricians and homeowners in getting easy access to sprinklers, ceiling fans, plumbing and ventilation installations as well as electrical installations. The owners added an aluminum access panel can be easily aligned with the surface where they are installed. While the general practice is to install access panels and doors according to the construction of building, property or specific room, the owners said that they can offer their specialized services later on after the construction is completed.

“The welded aluminum frames that have inlayed drywall are good at resisting mildew and moisture, which is the biggest reason why these access panels are mostly used in making utility boxes and crawl spaces. The users can easily remove the ceiling access panel and installation comes as easy as pie. We use aluminum T-section profile to make this access door and coat it with white powder. Due to the use of aluminum, these panels are corrosion-proof and highly durable.

A senior marketing executive had a brief encounter with the local press when he expressed that they only use high-end machinery for making the Drywall access panel. “We are also an Alibaba listed seller and exporter of access panels. We in fact give high emphasis on customer feedback as we know how important it is for capturing a larger share of the domestic and foreign markets. We invite honest feedback and recommendations from buyers who have used our aluminum access panel products before”, said the sales and marketing executive while also hashing out about their short and long-term business plans.

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Jigu Access Panel is the online store of JiGu Hardware Machinery Co. Ltd, an Alibaba listed seller and exporter of access panels.


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