Drywall and Ceiling Access Panel

  Our Jigu model Access Panel is general access panel,standard size,white powder coated,suitable for drywall & ceiling.Our Jigu Access Panel gives easy access to electrical components and wire.Our Jigu Access Panels install quickly and easily to cover up plumbing, electrical wiring and audio or visual cables.

  Our JG-A01 Access Panel is aluminum frame with steel lid,this one is suitable for ceiling.JG-A02 is aluminum frame with steel lid and with a lock,this one is suitable for drywall.Our JG-B series are aluminum frame with gypsum board inlay,they are suitable for ceiling.Our JG-C series are steel frame with steel lid,and with lock,they are suitable for drywall.You can check and choose which you want.JG-B04 is hot selling.

  Please contact with me without hesitate if you are interested.


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