Jigu Access Panel Sales Status

Jigu Access Panel is a famous and professional Access Panel Manufacturer in China,our main products are Aluminum Access Panel with Steel Cover,Aluminum Access Panel with Gypsum Board inlay,and Steel Access Panel.Lock is available.With or without White powder coated.We have profile cutting machine and more than 200 molds for our production.We also have more than 20 years experience technicians work for us.Our service after sale is better than others cause we have 3 merchandiser follow each order and 2 QC test each product.

Now we have four new customers from India,New Zealand and Fiji,although they didn’t have many quantity,but they will have good quantity because our product is good enough and our price is the best than others.We can meet their requirement no matter what requirement they have,we are cooperating with each other to achieve win-win.

Jigu Access Panel is the best friend who can build business relationship with.They all trust us and do long business with us.


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Contact: Jay Wong(Sales Manager)

Phone: 0086 18962216625

Tel: 0086 512 58903163


Add: JIGU House,Liucun Economic Development Zone,Tangqiao Town,Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China

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