Jigu Hardware Company

  Jigu Hardware Company is an access panel manufacturer in China.We can supply metal access panel and aluminum access panel with gypsum board,gypsum access panel,etc.We have been producing access panels since 1996.Now we have more than 100 workers and 2000 M² factory.We do domestic trade and we also export products to America,Australia,New Zealand,Saudi Arabia,etc.

  Our Access Panel Production is with aluminum frame and gypsum board inlay,lock and key are available,white powder coated.And we also have Galvanized Steel Access Panel,white powder coated,lock and key are available.Standard size is:200x200mm,300x300mm,400x400mm,450x450mm,500x500mm,600x600mm,etc.Customized size is available.


Contact Us

Contact: Jay Wong(Sales Manager)

Phone: 0086 18962216625

Tel: 0086 512 58903163


Add: JIGU House,Liucun Economic Development Zone,Tangqiao Town,Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China

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